How Does Washington Paid Family Medical Leave Act Work?

The Washington Paid Family Medical Leave Act comes into play in January 2020. Many people are wondering how is this going to work. Below you will find some information about what is required to make use of this statewide insurance program. What is covered?

Your Medical Condition
Caring for a Family Member
Bonding With a Child (birth, foster or adoption)
Certain Military Related Events

How Many Hours Do You Have To Work To Be Eligible?
You must have worked 820 Hours for a Washington Based Employer during the previous year.
What Is Your Weekly Benefit?
A weekly minimum of $100 a weekly maximum of $1000 for up to 12 weeks adjusted annually. This figure is determined by the state median income, your earned wages and other factors.
Is Your Job Protected When You Take Leave?
If you work for an employer that has 50 employees or more and have worked for them for 12 months or more your job should be protected. You must have worked 1250 hours for that employer in the previous 12 months.